Take your selfie and turn it into an original oil painting!

For an introductory offer of £125 plus £10 p&p you can have your image transformed into an original oil painting. Your portrait will be painted, in oil, onto a stretched linen canvas measuring 30 x 24cm (portrait or landscape orientation). You can choose to have a plain background if you prefer. This will be painted using the best quality artists' materials. Your portrait can be hung on the wall as it is or you can get it framed.   

Just email your request to me at helenbartholomew7@gmail dot com attaching your image either as a  JPEG or PDF file.   Please allow four to eight weeks and when the painting is complete you can check it out via email to make sure you are happy with the final result.  I will then post this to your chosen address on receipt of the payment of £125 plus £10 post and packaging.     

Gracie oil on canvas 30 x 24cm

Payment details will be arranged on completion of the painting. If  you decide you really don't like your portrait once you get it home I will give you a full refund of £125 on receipt of the painting. I will need to be notified within thirty days. I am sorry but post and packaging will be at your expense.



oil on canvas 30 x 24cm


oil on canvas 30 x 24cm

Helen's Selfie in Lilac 

oil on canvas 30 x 24cm

Becky with Brian and Willow

oil on canvas 30 x 24cm

Annie's granddaughter (from school photo)

oil on canvas 30 x 24 cm

Annie's grandson (from school photo)

oil on canvas 30 x 24cm


oil on canvas 30x24cm

My Selfie in favourite green jacket 

oil on canvas 30x24 cm